Recipe for a great weekend

Remember the last time you got all dolled up, went out for some fancy meal, had a bunch of drinks with the guys and gals, ended up smashed, and thought it was the best weekend ever?

Me neither. (Sorry to those who do remember. You might not be able to relate to this post then!)

I think the last time I kind of did this was APB’s engineering graduation dinner/reception. Almost 3 years ago? Not sure. I didn’t even get wild and crazy at the 2013 Grey Cup, which goes against the avid Roughrider fan that I am. But all I could think was, if I get hammered Saturday night, I’ll be hungover for the game, and then, if I get hammered at the game, I’m going to have to frequently pee in a port-a-potty and I’m wearing ski pants and how do I do that without touching gross stuff.

Safe to say getting drunk is no longer my idea of an awesome weekend. I’d take the yummy food, though. We’re more likely to get takeout and I’m cool with that. The hangover from a lot to drink would be killer and would likely last a week. No way I can handle that now. I stopped drinking much before I got pregnant and haven’t ever really resumed with the exception of the odd glass of wine here and there in the tub.

Nope, my idea of a great weekend is as follows: snuggling with my baby snd pets, coffee with flavoured creamer, watching curling and UFC, reading my breastfeeding book, hanging out with the husband. I’d also add that much of this happened thanks to him, who is a self-proclaimed Ryan Gosling. He kept Cubber entertained so I could enjoy my curling. He’s taken him to our cruck in the garage more than once, too, since he loves to honk the horn. Now they’re running errands so I can write this blog post.


At one point this weeknd, all four pets were by me. Curling is on in the background!

Funny how our idea of a good time changes as we a) get older and/or b) have a baby. I didn’t even have a nap, and it was still one of the best weekends ever!

I recently read a post from another mom I follow on Facebook and Twitter about how she and her family did nothing but play and hang out during their February break. I’m totally down with this. I love planned and organized activities, too, like going to the pool or signing classes, but sometimes, it’s just as fun to read a good book and play make-believe in your toddler’s kitchen while wearing (the same) yoga pants and a tank top all weekend. Who needs to get dressed when your husband will happily make the grocery and Tim Hortons run?!

Oh, and one more thing that made this weekend awesome: my husband fixed a crooked photo in our bedroom. It’s been bugging me for weeks (months?! God, I hope not), and it’s always been in the back of my mind to fix it, but I still hadn’t. This afternoon as I was enjoying the quiet of nursing our little guy to sleep, I looked up above the fireplace and voila! One of my favourite photos was straight in its frame again. Love it.

Now time for some more curling, coffee, and treats. I hope all you mamas and papas had a great weekend, too!


One of my favourite photos. Ever. Taken by Erin Francais, Finelite Photography and Design






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