Like looking into a mirror

Like looking into a mirror

I’ve always been a shy person. Usually when I tell people this, they don’t believe me and insist that no, you’re not. And it’s true that once I know someone, I’m pretty chatty. But put me in a room of people I don’t know, and I clam up. Or even if it’s just me and one other adult at a park, I find it hard to strike up a conversation. I’m very uncomfortable introducing myself to random people (which is funny, since I’m a journalist, and that’s what you have to do all the time…but it’s somehow different when it’s work).

My husband’s an introvert, too. Again, kind of amusing, since he’s running for city council, has done lots of public speaking, attended trade shows for The Konan Koalition.

It should come as no surprise then that our little boy hates crowds. A few weeks ago we tried to go to a wedding brunch. No dice. Instead of hanging out, he and I walked to a nearby park and then a friend who lived nearby. He didn’t even want to play in their yard.

The next weekend we went to a friend’s birthday party. Nope. Instead, he and his dad walked up and down the street looking at trucks.

One time we tried to go to a friend’s 40th birthday party. Kid-friendly, as there were other little ones there. It was raining outside, but Cub still insisted on staying outside and was totally happy to do so.

The weird thing is we will take him to Superstore or Costco, which should be his version of a nightmare (it’s kind of mine), and yet he chats away excitedly at people and points to all the different groceries.

Today we tried to go to a friend’s house. I’m all about accommodating as much as I can: I respect the fact my little man is shy. Frankly, he comes by it honestly, and I don’t like new situations all the time either. But sometimes, Mama just wants to have a coffee with another adult, and this friend is going back to work soon, which will make it hard to do so. Plus, she has a paddling pool across the street, a little boy a year older than mine, and a little girl a year younger. Perfect!

Nope! Cried, paused, cried some more, threw his head back, arched his back…ugh. We’ve even been to their house before. I try so hard to be patient because I get that it’s hard being a toddler. Eventually he calmed down, and he even started playing – which was of course right before we were going to head over to the park/pool area.

Once he’s at a park, it’s like he’s in his glory. He doesn’t care if there are tons of kids or no kids, he just does his own thing. The one thing I can always say is he happily plays by and entertains himself.

I convinced him to walk by the paddling pool but not go on the other side of the fence. He splashed up and down the sidewalk. Good times.

He just takes some time to warm up to things. He comes by that honestly, too, but that’s another story for another time.



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