We survived our vacation and even had some fun

When my husband, APB, approached me a couple months ago with the idea of combining a work conference with a trip to interior B.C. to see his grandma, I thought he was crazy. I think I told him so. You see, up until that point, the farthest we’d driven with our boy was to my parents’ house, which is less than an hour and a half away. I couldn’t imagine driving to Calgary, let alone the Kootenays.

However, I loved the idea of a vacation and doing cool things with our bebe. So I worked my butt off (maybe too hard, as you may recall I fell down some stairs the day before we left) to bank hours so I could take an actual vacation and not think about work…and off we went.

We only had one day where it seemed like the worst decision in the world to try this. And it was halfway through the vacation and well into B.C., so there was no turning back. We learned a lot that day. Hindsight is 20/20. If I could go back to that day, I would have:

a) tried to breathe more

b) stopped insisting we needed to pull over to try and nurse

c) just whipped out my boob while we were driving, as that worked well later on

d) insisted we get out at an actual restaurant (even if fast food) in Banff, not just a park

e) not have a 9 hour day. Holy shit. When I realized we’d been travelling (not in the car the whole time, but out and about) for 9 hours, it was no wonder the baby and I were bawling hot messes. Poor guy.

We agreed on the way home that if we had to, one of us would just hold him. It didn’t come to that, thankfully. I totally get it when I hear of parents who have done that, though. No judgement here!

But I digress. This was a small part of an overall awesome vacation. Cub (and Mommy and Daddy) got to have so many cool experiences! Dinosaur museum in Drumheller, zoo and science centre in Calgary, small walks/hikes in the Kootenays, and most importantly, he got to meet his great grandma! Had he been a girl, he would have been named after her….something I think we forgot to tell her. Next time.

But we’ve agreed: no more big trips til he’s older. It was fun but too much. I wouldn’t mind heading back to Calgary, though: the zoo and science centre rock! If you are ever there and have littles, I recommend both. Our favourites were penguins (ok, probably my faves, he liked the yellow birds) and the water table. See below.

I think the overall lesson is to chill. It will all work out. That’s probably the overall lesson every day as a parent, right?! Also, new books and toys are your friends on long trips. Dear friends of ours lent us some of theirs to amuse Cub. We also hit up a Toys ‘R Us armed with gift cards for our last leg of the trip. The steering wheel was a hit, as was the pop-up book with a flashlight!

Let’s do it again! In a couple of years…..




Forget the zoo. Toilet paper is where it's at.




Our zelfies.


All the cool animals at the zoo and he loved these birds.


Awesome water table at the science centre.


Cub looks happy but this was a "Get me the hell out of this carseat!" stop.



Loved Great Grandma.


How we survived the drive home from Lethbridge.



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