Motherhood can be hard, but you’re not alone. Prepare for the emotional load of becoming a mother or find peace by processing a traumatic or difficult birth with these educational workshops.

I am pleased to offer these regular workshops to Warman and area parents and moms. Follow my Facebook page for the latest workshop dates.


Postpartum Planning Workshop 

In the excitement and anticipation of planning our births, we sometimes overlook the equally important task of planning for what our life will look like once baby arrives.

In this 90-minute workshop, expectant families will be provided a glimpse into what life with a newborn looks like. We will walk through the initial parts of a postpartum plan that will help ease the transition into parenthood, and you will come away with the beginnings of a customized plan with the opportunity to book a further session or services. Participants will also be provided with key infant development milestones.

This is a great opportunity for expectant parents to connect with one other and find out what resources are available as you begin the journey into parenthood!

Registration limited to 5 families.


Birth Processing Workshop 

This workshop is for women who would like to find peace with their birth. It is never too late to heal from a bad birth, no matter how long ago it took place.

”This workshop helped me release some very powerful emotions. I came away as though a weight had lifted off my shoulders. Having support and a good cry helped me find peace with my birthing experience.” ~ Chanda S.

When we think of birth trauma, we often think there has to be overt physical or emotional trauma to the mother or child. However, a traumatic birth can appear “normal” to an outsider, and that’s because how a woman experienced her birth and responds to it are the actual indicators on whether or not it was traumatic for her.

If you left your birth feeling powerless, confused, fearful, guilty, isolated or abandoned, unacknowledged or unheard, or that your innate knowledge about your body and baby were disregarded, this workshop is designed to help you. If you experienced overt trauma to yourself or baby, this workshop is also for you. There is no hierarchy of trauma.

This workshop will provide space for self-reflection on your birth and validation of your emotions. Together, we will look at a definition of a bad birth and we will use tools for you to tell your birth story: not just the events, but how you felt. You will leave with at least the beginning of your birth story and resources to help you continue on your healing journey.

Sharing your story out loud is not required for this workshop. If you want to share your story, you may, and we will ensure it is a safe space to do so. But it is not required if you are not comfortable.

Registration limited to 6 women.

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