Postpartum Care Packages

The best way you can take care of your baby is by taking care of yourself. As a postpartum doula, I will support, empower, and care for you, the mom.

Ultimate Care Package

Give yourself the ultimate experience in care and celebration of motherhood. For three weeks, I will be your listening ear, shoulder to cry on, and biggest cheerleader. I will visit you up to six times, create a beautiful birth story book for you, and provide you with the resources you need to be confident in your mothering. We can talk by phone twice and you can text or email me as much as you like.

Empowering Care Package

For two weeks, I will stand beside you, encouraging you to follow your heart and believe in yourself. I will give you the resources you need to be a confident mom, and I will come see you up to four times. You and I can speak on the phone, and you can text or email me any time you need to share your hardest moments or your greatest triumphs, and I will remind you of your own strength.

Calm and Confident Care Package

As you make the big transition during your first week as a new mom, I am there to answer any questions you may have and offer support, encouragement, and resources you need to see that the answers lie within you and your heart. I will come see you up to two times, and you can email or text me as many times as you need.

Welcome Home Package

A perfect gift for a new mother! Shortly after you arrive home with your new baby, I come over to welcome and reassure you into your new role as mom. During this three-hour visit, I provide any postpartum support services that you may need. I come bearing gifts, but not for baby: bath salts, herbal tea, and healthy snacks for mom. Because becoming a mom is a special occasion.

Deluxe Doula Package

Start your motherhood journey surrounded by calm and nurturing support with a deluxe doula package, including birth doula services provided by Karen Slater of Doula at Heart, and postpartum doula services provided by Darla Read of Postpartum Darla.

Birth support: Two prenatal sessions; access any time via text throughout pregnancy; support through labour and delivery, including staying two hours post-delivery; and one home visit (optional).

Postpartum support: your choice of one of the above postpartum care packages, as well as an extra bonus service of your choosing: an extra postpartum visit, a freezer meal, or a new mom care package. 


Darla Read started out just like many new moms: a bit overwhelmed and scared, but also passionate, proud, and excited. Becoming a mom moved her so much, she poured through books about mothering and searched until she found the perfect class on how to support new moms. Her training, along with her personal experience as a mom, enables her to nurture new moms objectively and with empathy. As a postpartum doula, she provides emotional and practical support to Warman, Martensville, and Saskatoon moms. Darla continues to read avidly on pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding, and all things postpartum, and aims to share that knowledge with other moms through her own blog posts, social media, and virtual and in-person support, including the Warman Moms Support Group out of Warman Physiotherapy & Wellness.

Karen Slater has been attending births for six years and has had the honour of supporting more than 200 women and their families as they welcomed their babies into the world. Karen believes in helping families have the birth they want and arming them with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. She never tells a family how to birth and supports a family no matter what kind of birth they choose. Karen is comfortable supporting families in hospital or home birth settings, and she is well-respected by birth and health care professionals. She is a mother of four children who has had very different experiences with each birth, including a cesarean section and two VBACs. She has a kind and warm heart and is a calming presence.

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