Absolutely convinced now: support for the whole family

Absolutely convinced now: support for the whole family

You’ve heard from one of my clients already on why new moms should hire a postpartum doula. Now you get to hear from another mom! Below is feedback from a client on why you should hire a postpartum doula as part of your postpartum planning, and how it benefits everyone in the family.

Newborn snuggles are the best.

Mom enjoying her new baby girl.

Why did you want to hire a postpartum doula?

It can be a pretty hectic time, especially if you have a c-section.

The thing about a postpartum doula is they know the exact situation and they can help you exactly the way you need. It’s a very specific kind of help.

There can never be too much help. My mom was there, my husband, my brother and sister-in-law – it’s not like we didn’t have anybody. Even if you have a ton of friends and family to help out, it’s good to have an extra person at least once a week.

You might not want to ask friends or families to do certain things, but a postpartum doula is someone you can ask.

Did I meet your expectations of what you had in mind for a postpartum doula?

Yes, you met expectations, and I would like to note that my husband and mom were skeptical, and you over-exceeded their expectations. There was a lot of relief. There was so much that had to be done, so to come home and to have even one or two things done already, everyone’s just a lot more happier, healthier.

And you’re the type of person who does continued support: I feel like you continue. You get to know people and become friends with them and you do offer continued support. It’s not just “you paid me, and it’s done” – without realizing it, it’s just an extra person in the community who, if they don’t know the answer, they might know someone with the answer.

Did anything I did stand out to you?

My family was very happy. Mike (my husband) doesn’t like spending money on that because he thinks he can do it all himself. To come home and even have the garbage taken out, you could just see the stress taken off of him.

(Darla’s) going to know what needs to be done. You came in, you were comfortable, you knew what needs to be done, you filled your time with all that needs to be done.

What would you say to families on the fence about hiring a postpartum doula?

Do it. It’s worth it. It’s kind of like getting a good photographer at your wedding. It’s worth the money. Realistically, no one is ever really ready for that situation, and it’s good to have somebody who knows what they are doing. We’re not all equipped to do this. We don’t get trained to do it. We all have jobs in the world and get trained to do it, but almost nobody gets trained to be a mom.

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Why mom-to-mom support matters

Why mom-to-mom support matters

If you haven’t already heard, I will be facilitating a support group for moms on select Tuesdays out of Warman Physiotherapy & Wellness. Our first meeting is this week, so I thought it would be timely to give a real-life example of what a difference a little bit of support can make.

Imagine you are a mom whose toddler has built a beautiful wall of blocks at an indoor playground, but when he comes back from a snack, another child has dismantled it. He’s upset, and you empathize: he worked so hard on that, and it’s a big deal to him. Perhaps you’ve even been in this exact situation!

No amount of empathy or “can I help you build it again?”or distraction or leaving him alone helps: he cries and cries and cries and cries. Real tears, at times screaming. To the point that you now have tears in your eyes and take a break to cry in the bathroom, because you have no idea how to make it better and you were already having a tough day. A couple moms give you empathetic smiles, one mom asks your toddler if he’d like to join them on the slide. Such little gestures that make you want to cry more, but in a good way: because these moms get it. They understand how it feels, and they want to help you.

This is exactly why mom support groups are powerful: they build us up, let us know we aren’t alone. At times we definitely FEEL like we are alone, or like we are the only person who has ever been in a particular situation, but I assure you, you are not. Somewhere, and some point, another mom has been there, and she gets it. She will cry alongside you and laugh with you at the situation once enough time has passed.

And so I hope you will join us for the Warman Moms Support Group. Motherhood can be hard, but you aren’t alone, and you were never meant to do it alone. See you Tuesday.



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