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When at times motherhood feels so dark, Darla is a beautiful ray of sunshine: review

When at times motherhood feels so dark, Darla is a beautiful ray of sunshine: review

I recently asked a client-turned-friend for a letter of support because I was nominated again this year for the Warman & Martensville Business Excellence Awards (WMBEXA), and I’m hoping to become a finalist again. Her letter blew me away, so I had to share it. Each and every client holds a special place in my heart. Jessica takes up a bit extra space.

After the birth of my first son, I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. Knowing the massive struggle that I had the first time around, I decided that I needed some extra help after I found out I was pregnant with my second.

After experiencing PPD with her first son, Jessica knew support would be key for the birth of her second, so she invested in a postpartum doula.

I had no idea that postpartum doulas existed, but after my therapist introduced me to this idea I was immediately intrigued. She specially recommended Darla, so after reaching out and agreeing to meet, I knew this would be something that I wanted to have postpartum.

Darla was so friendly and engaging when I first met her. She didn’t make our meeting awkward, but rather it was like I was meeting a friend for coffee. She listened intently to why I wanted to hire a postpartum doula and was supportive in my decision. Once I made the final decision to hire her, I felt immensely at ease. I just knew it would be a good fit for my family.

After my second son was born, Darla was right there with me in my journey. Even though I asked her not to come and see me until 7 weeks postpartum, she was still there for me via text and email. I remember a couple of days where I was having severe anxiety. I texted Darla telling her this and she did an amazing job supporting me & helping me through those days… even though our time together hadn’t started yet. Once Darla did come out to see me, it was like a breath of fresh air. We chatted, had coffee, lunch & she cuddled my baby while I showered or ran errands. She got my baby to sleep so many times!

Jessica enjoying lunch with her toddler while out of the picture, I snuggle her newborn.

I also attended Darla’s postpartum support group. It was fantastic to get together with a bunch of other moms to chat about our highs and lows, our successes and struggles. Through it all, Darla facilitated our group beautifully.

Darla has since asked me if I would be a reference for other women who are considering her services – I didn’t even have to think twice about it, my answer was YES! Darla was meant to be in my life & I’ll be forever grateful to the love & support she has shown me. When at times motherhood feels so dark, she is a beautiful ray of sunshine!!!

Snuggling another mom’s baby and getting them to sleep is one of the best parts of my jobs because I know it brings moms peace of mind.

I have recently decided to purchase two birth story books through Darla. I have seen one that she had recently done for a client and I so badly want those memories written down in books for both of my boys. With everything else that Darla has done for me, I’m super excited to see her work on these books.”

Here are my postpartum care packages. Check them out and send me a message: motherhood can be hard, but you’re not alone.

Why I wish I’d known Darla when I had my babies: Chayla Howat

Why I wish I’d known Darla when I had my babies: Chayla Howat

This is part of a series called “I wish I had known Darla when I had a baby” so expectant moms can find me before baby arrives and invest in their health and their family with a postpartum doula. These are Chayla’s words.

“Knowing Darla for almost 3 years, I am so happy to have her in my life, and to know such a beautiful woman. I wish I had known her prior to my twin boys first being born.

Chayla with her husband, Lyle, and their twin boys just after they were born.


Truth be told, I never really knew anything about postpartum doulas until I met Darla and she told me what she did and how she helped moms. When you become a first-time mom, it’s life changing. When you become a first-time mom to twins, it’s kind of a blur at first. You learn as the days come and go.

We were so thankful to have the help from my husband’s parents the first few weeks. However, they don’t live in Warman, and reality set in when they have to head back to Prince Albert and go back to work. Both sets of grandparents live in Prince Albert. Our close family and friends live an hour away. It was just us here and my sister and her husband that we knew at the time. It got really lonely, and you wish you did have someone to come over so you could quickly run a errand or shower or just catch up on house work.

Then I met Darla when I needed models for my gel nail course, and still to this day I tell her over and over, “Man, I wish I knew you when the boys were first born,” just to have that helping hand makes a world of difference! You’re my person I know I can lean on, and vent to. So happy to have you in my life, and my boys are always so happy to see you when you come over!”

No longer newborns, these little guys eagerly greet me whenever I visit Chayla!

Find out more about how I can support you as your postpartum doula here.

Why you should hire a postpartum doula: another dad’s perspective

Why you should hire a postpartum doula: another dad’s perspective

Sometimes it’s hard for dads to visualize what a postpartum doula can do for their family and wonder what does a doula do? What is the value? I’ve asked the husbands of previous clients to share their experience. Dads, my job is never to replace your support, but to help everyone with the exciting changes in your family! Here, Ian Dutchak, the husband of one of my clients, talks about why hiring a postpartum doula is a great choice for any expectant family.

“Initially, I didn’t know what a doula was or what one would do when she came out to our house. However, I’m always game for whatever is best for Jess, and I knew she wanted the extra support for our second baby, so I was on board with hiring a postpartum doula. And now that we’ve had one for the birth of our second son, I see the value in it.

Jess and Ian with their sons, Bennett and Nash.

It’s like when you’re finishing a basement, and you tell yourself, “Oh, I can do this basement myself, no problem!” But once you realize how hard it is to do it all on your own, you realize, “Oh yeah, maybe I should hire someone to help me out with it!” Same kind of idea: even if you as parents aren’t struggling, any family can benefit from the extra support, and I’d recommend seeking out a postpartum doula if you’re expecting, whether it’s your first time or not.”

Read another dad’s perspective here: “Most of the time us Dads just can’t be there in those most difficult times for our wives. Even when we are there, there are just certain things that we cannot help our wives with. We do not feel the same feelings as them. We do not understand what they are going through because we are not them. They still love us but there is just no other solution to help them but to provide them with someone who knows them because they have been through it all before,” says Chris Quinney, whose family invested in their well-being with a postpartum doula.
Why I hired a postpartum doula for my second baby: Kristin Quinney

Why I hired a postpartum doula for my second baby: Kristin Quinney

This is the latest in a series of posts from mothers who invested in their health and well-being by hiring me as their postpartum doula for the birth of their second baby.

“Even before I was pregnant, I told Chris that the only way I would have another baby was if I had a support system in place. I wasn’t even willing to start trying until he agreed to that, and he did.

I hired Darla for a million different reasons when I was pregnant. Too many to get into all of them. The overall reason why was I wanted to find a better way to go into motherhood with two children. I wanted to be prepared and have support systems in place. Becoming a mom is intense, and becoming a mom of two amplifies that intensity. Taking care of myself was also a priority: not just taking care of the children.

As a mom, we spend so much time looking after everybody and everything else, I wanted something that was just for me.

Kristin with her two daughters, shortly after the birth of her second.

I became a mom with my first in a community where I didn’t know very many people, and my close girlfriends were in the midst of their own motherhood transitions. My first motherhood experience was isolating and lonely. I had postpartum depression, I was unsure of myself, we struggled with breastfeeding, and I wanted things to be smoother the second time around.

And I knew with two kids, I’d have less time. Time for myself, time for your husband, time for your pets, time for my first born. So having a postpartum doula, I was able to take my oldest and my dogs for a walk, and not have to worry about a newborn pooping right up her back, for which Stella was famous, or was she warm enough or were we interrupting her nap. I could give my full focus to Hazel, who was really craving that, going from an only child to having a sibling.

Hiring a postpartum doula is a gift to yourself. It’s a kind thing you can do for yourself. This way you make sure someone’s going to look after you when you need it the most.”



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