If you know me or have been following my blog, you know I’m passionate about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. While I don’t read as much about pregnancy anymore, I often read about parenting and lately, how to support newborn mothers.

By the way, I love this definition of a newborn mother from my teacher, Julia Jones:

newborn mothers defn.png

I’ve become so interested in the topic that I decided to take Julia’s class on how to support newborn mothers postpartum, and I’m so excited to say I’ve passed and am now a Certified Postpartum Professional!

What does this mean? Right now it just means I have furthered education in something I’m passionate about, but in the future it means I look forward to a career where I can support moms: helping them take care of and love themselves so they can do the same for their new babies, providing some nourishing and nutritious meals (I’ve gotten back into the kitchen and it feels good! If you want to be a taste tester, let me know…), belly binding, tips for self and baby massage, and more!

I can’t wait. I still consider myself a new mom and I’ve experienced really great aspects of postpartum  (I’ve had a lot of support and continue to – couldn’t have done the class without it) and challenging ones (going back to work at 6 weeks postpartum, thrush, mastitis, moving), so I get it. I’m not an expert, but that’s not my job…you’re the expert on you and your baby, and my job is to help women see and embrace that.

Exciting things to come! Thank you everyone for always reading, supporting, and encouraging. It takes a village.



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