Our little guy loves our new driveway. We recently had all of our concrete done, and he loves to toddle back and forth, up and down the slope, often pushing his rake along, all the while chattering away.


Tonight was no different, until he did a faceplant forward. It was awful. Screaming, blood, tears. My mom running to pick him up. Me running to the house to grab, I don’t know what. Ice. A wet cloth. Neither of which he really liked.

Thank god for boobs. Even without wiping off all the blood that was covering his mouth and face, he was eager to nurse and this eventually calmed him down. Stopped the crying, stopped the tears, as I sang “My Teddy Bear” and “Who Took the Cookie,” some of our latest favourite songs.


My heart broke seeing him crying like that, and I know it’s just the first of many heartbreaks he and I will feel. Luckily I think there is just a fat lip and some scrapes. I know it could have been worse and I might seem a bit dramatic but man that was a lot of blood.

As he calmed down and the cries softened to whimpers and then disappeared completely, I had two thoughts: 1) Yay for boobs! 2) please don’t ever want to fight in the UFC or any other fight promotion. I admit I enjoy watching the fights but I’m not sure I could handle as a mom watching my boy get bloodied all the time. How the heck do moms watch their children fight or box?! Things you think of when your kid breaks his fall with his face. Things to further ponder next time I’m awake at 5 a.m.

This parenting gig is hard! And let’s be real: it’s even harder being a toddler. I can’t imagine how much it would hurt to fall from my height face first into concrete. I will likely take a moment later in the tub to cry about it and then make sure tonight we have lots of cuddles and ice cream if he’ll eat it. Maybe for Mommy, too, to go with the wine.



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