A few weeks ago, when I was struggling and getting frustrated, I received this letter in the mail. I thought it was worth sharing.


If Cub could write his own letter….

Being a toddler is new to me…

Should I nap? Or try to be a big boy and go without a snooze?

Should I wake up for a snack? Or wait for breakfast?

I love all my books, toys, and pets.

Of course, I love Mommy and Daddy, too. They are how I became so cute (as I am told).

I am a lucky little boy that can sleep in if I choose or wake early to catch the neighbourhood construction.

If Mommy worked outside the home, I would have to rise early, grab a quick slurp, and go off to daycare. Sometimes I enjoy toddler company, but only when I want to.

That chariot behind Daddy’s bike is so awesome. I can be out there with all the kids, see all the trucks and cars. It is so cool. Sometimes I am tired but there is so much to see, I do not want to give in to a nap.


Fresh air – where was I all winter? There is a whole new world out there. Who can sleep?

Now that I have found my legs, I am so excited to explore. I am super lucky Mommy and Daddy keep me safe.

If I coudl master more words, I would tell Mommy and Daddy I LOVE, LOVE them. Thanks for guiding me on my journey to being a little person. I am sure you are proud of my accomplishments, however small.

Cub sure would have a lot to say.

May each day find you more at peace than the next.

Love, Mom and Dad

(written by Cub’s Grandma Debbie)

For more on understanding your toddler, check out this great article by author Rebecca Eanes.




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