Well. Not quite but he likes to think so.


Baby Cub is as shocked as you are at APB's language.

“Just sitting here, chilling with your son. Wanted to let you know you’re a great mom so that might warm your vagina.”

Yep. That’s my husband. He qualified this gem by adding, “I’m not trying to seduce you.”

That’s good. Cuz, um, you didn’t.

Joking aside, my husband was trying to be supportive as he could see I was tired from having a fuss bucket baby today. He told me to head upstairs if I wanted alone time. I opted to stay downstairs with them because I wanted to watch curling, which he fully supported, which likely means he *is* trying to seduce me because he HATES watching curling.

He brought home wine, too – another fine way to help out a frazzled mama – which I enjoyed in the tub while he and baby dictator watched Thomas the Train.

APB has always been a big support. He used to receive multiple messages in a day from me about the dogs stressing me out. He’d do what he could to help with them, whether taking one to his previous job or getting us a fence and gate or simply listening. Sometimes a tired, stressed mama just wants to be heard.

He tries to make sure we have lots of good meals to eat because I’m always hungry and have been for the past 18 months of breastfeeding.

These are all great ways to help out a mama, regardless of whether baby is 1or 18 months: time to herself, even if not long; healthy snacks; wine; jokes to make her smile; genuinely telling her she’s a good mom. Maybe leave the vagina part out.

APB later told me he mostly made the vagina comment because I needed to smile. It worked. He’s no Ryan Gosling but he’s my APB and he makes me laugh.



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