I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.

It’s always been a battle to cut finger and toe nails. When Cub was teeny tiny, the nail clippers I used sucked (as did the user), so I ended up clipping him a couple times. That made me feel awful, and those incidents probably haven’t helped because now I’m likely more hesitant.

Because of all this, I consider it a victory when I get one or two nails cut per day. Thus it takes a week or more to get them all cut, so it feels like they always need a trim.


Zoning out to Thomas the Train during meal time. Parenting win or fail?! It buys me some time so I'll take it for now.

Well, today I had an epiphany. I found a cute video of a pouncing fox. Show Cub a cute animal video, and he wants it played a minimum of six times.

The light bulb went off. DING DING DING. Play cute animal videos so I can cut his nails! Voila! I got both hands and some toes done, all in one sitting.

Why did I not think of this sooner?!

Probably because we’re always told screen time is bad. But I’m here to admit I use it to my advantage!

I’ve started putting cartoons on my laptop during some meal times to buy myself some extra time to either eat, clean up, or do some work.  Not exactly a habit I want to always want to get into but I figure you do what you’ve gotta do and eventually we’ll grow out of it.

What’s your latest parenting win?



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