I’ve been working on my patience. Yes, we all get frustrated, and I am no exception. I know it’s ok for children to see their parents frustrated, too, but it’s all about how you handle it.

I know it’s tooting my own horn a bit, but since this blog is for me to document my parenting journey, honk honk.

I woke up today and felt really good about myself. Was I well rested? Um, not really. Baby went to bed around 10:20, which lately is pretty good. We’re blaming teeth and learning to walk on this, but who really knows.

The 10:20 wasn’t bad. It was the being up from about 1:30 to 4:30 that I wasn’t thrilled about.

However, when it became clear he wasn’t falling back to sleep right away, I just let it go. No cursing to myself. Very little sighing. No angry pacing, bouncing, etc. I just told myself to forget doing much work or anything around the house because I’d sure as heck be napping when he was!

So baby crawled/rolled around on the bed, looking adorable, while I scanned social media. Eventually he crawled over and rested his head on my chest, signalling he was ready to nurse to sleep. It was a sweet moment.

We slept in (yay!) and the funny thing is, I got laundry, dishes, a tiny bit of meal prep, and some work done, in between chasing my son up the stairs and other adventures.

Most importantly, I liked myself for just rolling with last night, instead of allowing myself to get worked up. It felt good to see progress in my efforts to chill.


So cute when he's asleep. Precious!

It’s not just my baby that’s learning new things every day! He’s constantly teaching me how to be the best version of me possible. A work in progress.

And I’ll probably get more practice tonight, since he’s still asleep at 6 p.m…..practice makes perfect, apparently.



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