My son’s new favourite play space is the stairs. He can motor up them quite quickly, and he’s figured out how to go down them backwards or sliding down on his bum if you hold his hands. He always has a look of such pride when he makes it to the top, and he chatters the entire way up.

Sometimes he stops part way to hang onto the rails and play with the cat.

2015-10-16 10.38.22

So it would be somewhat ironic that today I was the one who fell down the stairs while holding him.

One of my biggest fears since becoming pregnant was, ‘What if I fall?’ Not an unreasonable fear, as I’ve had knee problems since I was about 10, albeit (knock on wood) my knees have seemed better since the last round of surgeries and physio. I’ve had visions of my knee dislocating while I’m walking up or down stairs with my baby, and I’ve wondered, how would I handle that? Would I be able to hold onto him?

This is also not an unreasonable fear, as this very thing happened when I was a kid and I was holding a friend’s toddler. My knee tweaked while walking down our front steps. I fell – I think sort of straight down on my butt – and let go. She tumbled down the rest of the steps. Thankfully, she was more scared than hurt: she avoided me like the plague the rest of the day! Can you blame her?

My baby cried, too, but after some cuddles and nursing, he seems just fine. He’s currently talking to his toy sink.

Surprisingly, I haven’t cried yet, but I was trying not to because I didn’t want to scare him further.

So lesson for the day…SLOW DOWN. Not just to enjoy the little moments, but to realize you can’t do or be it all. Here I am, trying to do too much…

we head out on vacation for a week tomorrow, and I’m trying to wrap up work, pack clothes and snacks, run the dishwasher one last time so I have clean water bottles, and oh yeah, don’t forget to walk the dogs.

Time for a deep breath, mamas. I’m going to brush my teeth (whoa!) and go outside to refresh and restart. I’m looking forward to a soak tonight to help my sore tailbone and elbow.



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