I write blog posts in my head all the time. All. The. Time. Finding the time to actually post them is another matter. When you’re a full – time mama to a one-year-old and four fur babies, plus work 15 hours a week at another job, well, you don’t have a ton of spare time.

For about a week, though, I’ve wanted to write about a beautiful gift I was given. I was given this book, pictured below, the day before my boy’s 1st birthday. Not only was it incredibly thoughtful, it has reminded me what’s really important.


We focus so much on big things like when your baby got a tooth or crawled or went on their first airplane ride for a vacation. These things are important, too, don’t get me wrong.

But when I’ve had a bad day full of crying, fussing, lack of sleep for both of us, those memories aren’t what get me through the day. What gets me through the day is when my son cuddles into me, head on shoulder, for a full 20 seconds after he wakes from a nap. I feel so loved I could burst. I know in that moment we’re doing more than okay.

Or that moment when I play peek-a-boo and it makes my son laugh and laugh and laugh. I want to bottle up that giggle and the joy and remember it forever. Thinking about it now makes me tear up. Hormones!

Or when I’m nursing my baby, who’s gazing at me with those big, beautiful, blue eyes, while at the same time patting his cat, who is also on my lap. I don’t want to forget that tenderness. (More tears.)

These little moments are every day life. They are real. The big moments we share on Facebook are cool and special, but we all know Facebook isn’t as real as the grit of every day.

I wish every parent could have this book. It’s hard to keep up with a baby book, but it’s (so far) manageable to write a sentence or two at the end of every day on what I want to remember. And while I want to remember that first trip to the zoo or water park, what I really want to remember and cherish is love: giving and receiving love. Because after all, I think that exchange is probably the biggest moment anyway on this crazy journey we call parenting.



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