I don’t often admit it but there have been a few times in the past year that my husband has been right.

For a few months now, he’s been encouraging me to start a blog. He’d 0usually say it after I shared with him something I’d read in a book or an article or some witty one-liner I came up with about being puked on (that I can’t remember now, so how witty was it really?), noting that I’m a writer anyway, pretty passionate, and fairly knowledgeable (though admittedly always, always learning).  Until now, I’ve brushed the suggestion aside because there are tons of mommy/parenting/you-name-it blogs, but now I’ve realized my husband (who from here on in will be APB or Angry Papa Bear [even though he isn’t angry but that’s another post for another time]) was right.

My blog isn’t here to tell you how to parent or give birth or what to buy (or not bother buying) your baby. My blog is to document my personal parenting journey. I learn something new every day, whether about myself or the parent I’d like to become or how to handle certain situations. I’m constantly reading articles and books and sending links and screenshots to my husband. This blog is so I can collect all my thoughts in one place so I can reflect on them down the road. Maybe even share them with family and friends.


And if my blog helps at least one other mom feel confident in her journey, that’s a bonus. I remember how I felt in the early days. There are times I feel just as lost now, and I’m sure those feelings will continue for years to come.

It is likely APB just wants me to blog so I stop bombarding him with links and screenshots. But I know he was right, because this post alone will likely generate three more. So welcome to Ms. Mama Bear’s journey.



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